Friday, October 10, 2014

October 2014



Breast Cancer Awareness Month


        In honor and remembrance of past, present and future cancer victims and survivors, October is the month to pay homage by participating in programs that help to see a cure for the devastating statistics of this disease.  It is through contributions, research, public awareness and legislation that we may finally seek the cure and end suffering of those afflicted, and their loved ones, family, friends and acquaintances.  You see, this disease affects more than just those who are afflicted, and for that reason it is essential to push research and legislative dollars to make that happen.                                     

                                                                                                                                                               Have you ever seen a PINK Pumpkin?

Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation

     The Pink Pumpkin Foundation is striving to fight against breast cancer in conjunction with America's pumpkin growers in a most creative way.  Through the sale of colorful, PINK pumpkins, a percentage of proceeds sold in 2014 is donated to organizations involved in breast cancer research and the "Fight for the Cure."


           Porcelain Doll Pumpkin                                                     Getting Your Pink On!


       Other ways to contribution, share and get involved in the fight for the cure is to join in one (or more) of the many activities that are taking place this month, nationwide.  

                Making Strides of Portland



       Making Strides of Portland is hosting a 5K walk on Saturday, October 11th, at the Portland International Raceway, signup begins at 8:30a.m and actual walk begins at 
10a.m.  Address:  1940 N. Victory Blvd, Portland, OR.  For further info, go to their website at: Everyone is invited and encouraged to join in the day's festivities. So, get those
sneakers laced up and contribute your time and positive attitude to the cause. You'll
be glad you did. 
   Many sponsors are being proactive in getting need research funds underway, with the help of all participating purchasers of their products. A portion of the proceeds of sales are slated to go directly to research efforts, through recognized and official organizations heading the cause.  It's very gratifying to learn that some of the profits from our favorite consumer goods are contributing to the cause.    

Knit and Crochet Something Pink!!!  

       Although October generally brings forth images of pumpkins, the color of turning Maple leaves and gingerbread men, this month has taken on a new meaning of significance.  Even though I am still working on a Fall knit, I am also definitely in the beginning throes of Christmas gift-giving ideas.              What better way to honor someone going through a tough time of radiation treatments or general un-wellness than to knit or crochet something that will lift their spirits?  Pink is such a joyous, girlie color and makes one think of nurturing, cuddles, play, romance and bubble bath!
     The good folks at Yarrnspirations have also whet out crafting appetite by offering FREE knitting and crochet patterns, to knit up in pink yarns from various sources - Patons, Caron, Berroco and Sugar'n Cream.    

LITTLE GIRL PINK BABY BLANKET                              

                          Little Girl Pink Baby Blanket                                                                                                                           
                         LACY SCALLOPS DISH CLOTH SET

   Lacy Scallops Dish Cloth                                                     

                                               CHEVRON KNIT SHAWL  


                      Bernat Satin Yarn                Color: Flamingo

           Center dec" stitch tutorial (Courtesy of YouTube):
             SSK, yo stitch (Tutorial courtesy of YouTube):












             October is Halloween Time!!

         Of course, October is the month that we celebrate Halloween and all the spooky, eerie events that the holiday represents. Costumes, candy and spooky house decorating are as fun as party games, spooky music and the anticipation that the holiday brings.  If you prefer staying indoors where it is dry and safer, free of crowds and things that go bump in the night, then you will enjoy some entertaining stories from Halloween-themed books, known as "cozies".  I find that a pumpkin scented bubble bath, a warm mug of cinnamon-spiced cider and a chilling book are fun ways to spend Halloween evening.


     Or, maybe you would like to carve out a nice design on your pumpkin before the season gets away from you. Whether you are using a knife, a drill or some other sharp tool for carving, be careful to cut away from your body whenever possible, for safety.  So get out your carving tools (knives, drills, etc) and turn a lovely pumpkin into a creative show piece to grace a windowsill or front porch.  Whether you choose to decorate your steps or your windows, pumpkins have come to symbolize Fall harvest time and the end of the seasons of Summer and Fall's harvests.  Not long before Thanksgiving!                   

                                                                                 Courtesy of

With a drill, pumpkins can take on just about any design feature that you have time and patience to create. In fact, if you are not feeling particularly artistic or creative, you can plug into many online sites for ideas.  If you like a picture from a particular source, you can photocopy and simply trace the outline of and object and use that as your guide. If you like cross-stitch or knitting and crochet patterns, this is also an excellent source for designs. Graph paper is another source for geometric patterns such as these pumpkins.


If you're feeling particularly creative and zany, you can take the time to carves out a fun or well-executed carving of a face, cartoon character or any number of creative ideas. There are no rules and anything goes.  I am always amazed and delighted by the creative endeavors of pumpkin carving enthusiasts!

Halloween Reads   

     Halloween is full of ghosts, goblins, dark night trick-or-treating and spooky haunted houses full of things that go, "BOO!" in the night.  Why people enjoy being frightened I'll never know but I certainly can appreciate the sentiment.  I love mysteries and mystery books based on who-dunit plot lines.  With that in mind, I found some titles that may just be the best reads of this holiday season.






Fun activities for Kids

     If you are hosting a child's part, are anticipating company with small children, are a teacher of age appropriate students or just like to color and have fun on your own, here are some great ideas for keeping everyone entertained in a relaxed and quieter activity.  This is also a good way for unrelated or shy children to become one with the group. My sister use to let the children into her art studio to play with her art supplies, and it gave her an opportunity to chat with the adults, free of constant interruptions.



Halloween Knitting Project(s)

T H E    C U R L Y    P U R L Y    P U M P K I N

     G A U G E
     You can knit this pumpkin using any yarn, any gauge, any double-pointed needles you desire.

     T H E   P A T T E R N   
     CO 35 stitches. Divide over 3 DPNs.  k4p1 around for 25 rows. 

      F I N I S H I N G           
  1. Thread yarn tail through stitches on the needles and cinch closed.
  2. Stuff with wool roving, batting, poly stuffing, anything you can find. 
  3. Using your tapestry needle, thread the cast-on tail around the stitches of your cast-on end to cinch the top closed.
  4. With your tapestry needle, bring the yarn down through the pumpkin to the base and pull tight. Knot it to the other
    remaining tail. Weave in the ends. *
  5. *This little procedure causes the dent in at the top and bottom.
  6. Make a small i-cord stem and attach.

 "Lost Souls" Crochet Skull Shawl  

A  FREE Ravelry Crochet Pattern by designer Maryetta Roy



         These spookie little knit ghost charmers were designed by Jean Greenhowe.  The pattern is being offered for free and guaranteed to make you smile. These "ghosties" are not very scary but would make lovely tabletop decorations,  I could see them becoming toys for the cats as well.  That gives me an idea - add some catnip into the stuffing and they become intriguing toys?  They are so cute!